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The Hunger of the Soul (Nancy Pope Mayorga)

The Hunger of the Soul (Nancy Pope Mayorga)


This intimate diary of the spiritual life of  Nancy Pope Mayorga  and of his conviviality with the great master  Swami Prabhavananda  grips the reader with surprising honesty and intensity of yearning for the Divine. The biggest message of this book is that behind the outer facade of every being lives a soul that has its abode in the Infinite.


182  pages
Finishing: paperback

Size: 14 x 21 x 1.3cm
ISBN: 856429500-8
Paper: 80g offset



SWAMIBRAHMANANDA  (1863-1922) , affectionately called Maharaj (great king), was a true spiritual dynamo. His spirituality radiated out in the most diverse ways in everyday life. In this book, several reminiscences of the great saint are contained. In the second part, his spiritual teachings lead the reader to know what it means to live an intensely spiritual life.

Majestic and serene as the deep ocean, he had the simplicity of a child. Full of sweetness, he was an enlightened and inspiring soul. your sense of  irresistible humor manifested itself at times in his daily jokes and pranks, although his mind was constantly plunged into deep states of mystical consciousness. Everyone who came in contact with Maharaj was strongly influenced by his extraordinary spirituality. Although he was mostly absorbed in the highest states of consciousness, Maharaj remained busy for more than two decades as world president of the Ramakrishna Order, handling the practical activities of the organization. He left a valuable legacy of how a person can fulfill their responsibilities in the world and at the same time enrich their lives with vibrant spirituality.


Excerpts from the Book 

Life flows like the waters of a river. The day that ended will never come back. Blessed are those who use this time fruitfully. Because of the good deeds you performed in baked lives, you were born as human beings. Through worship of God and meditation, transform this human birth into something blessed. (page 171)

He who has known God does not set limits to His infinity. For him, God is not a matter of opinion: He is. He is boundless love, beyond the reach of the intellect. He to whom God, in His infinite mercy, reveals Himself, knows and understands His mysteries. For him there is nothing hidden. The doors of infinite knowledge open. When a man attains enlightenment, he knows that he belongs to God and God belongs to him. (page 230)

Cultivate the habit of constantly remembering God, whether at leisure or while working. This constant flow of thought toward God is called meditation. In this
practice, place, time and circumstances should not be taken into account. Dive deep! Oh, what happiness! (page 295)

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